What is Health?

As I look around at modern society, along with the people in it, I feel very dis-heartened about the future – about my future, as well as the future of everyone else who is currently learning to carve their own path in the world. We are stepping into a civilization that has amazing potential! Technology is brining us to new levels of living and experiencing the world, and it just keeps getting better. The thing that I find to be disheartening about the future, however, the fact that the general health of the population seems to be deteriorating every day, and people aren’t actually able to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle that is available to them.

When I look into my future, and I am 60, 70, even 80 years old, I picture myself to still be in great shape, doing the things that I love to do, with my loved ones at my side. Yes, I am getting (or have) grey hair, and wrinkles, and maybe my boobs and  butt are sagging – but I am still able to take care of myself and my family. I picture myself playing with grandchildren, and generally ENJOYING my long awaited and earned retirement.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most people won’t have that future. Our population is aging, and due the lifestyle that most people are living, their aging process is enveloped in disease. Diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes are all commonly known, and are starting to rule our lives. Most people today believe and accept that growing old developing these diseases go hand in hand. But do they really? I’m not so sure. Today, these diseases are starting to affect more than just the aging population – they are starting to affect the youth in society as well. How can this be?

While I do realize that sometimes these things are unavoidable, I refuse to believe that they are part of the standard process of aging. I know that the lifestyle one lives will greatly influence the possibility of developing these diseases. Science has shown this over and over again. That future that I see for myself, that seems to just be a long lost dream for a lot of society, I plan on doing everything that I can to make it a reality, because I don’t want to just sit back and accept a future that is ripe with disease – I want to know that I did everything I could to create for myself the future I envision, regardless of how it actually turns out.

Welcome to my blog: A Modern Health Affair.

Through this blog, I am hoping to share my daily experiences and set an example to let others know that, just maybe, they have the future that they envision too.

Never Give Up

Best Wishes,



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