During all the research and discovering that I’ve been doing through the internet, I’ve come across some INCREDIBLE blogs and websites that are full of all kinds of workouts, recipes, motivation and a great community of people! Here are some of the places that go when I need an extra bit of motivation or inspiration.


This is a blog run by Cassey Ho, and she is a superstar! Her website is full of amazing recipes and workouts. She knows exactly how motivate, and check out her youtube channel for intense, but feel good workouts. She also puts together a free monthly workout calendar for anyone who subscribes to her blog. This calendar puts together a schedule following her youtube workout videos for the entire month. I am not only inspired by her level of health and fitness, but I am also inspired by her entrepreneurial achievements – they are brilliant.

Joyous Health

The first time I heard of Joyous Health was when I attended one of her classes about detoxifying back in March. Joy is the one who motivated me to change my eating habits. Her enthusiasm and smile is contagious, and you can really tell that she lives a high quality of life because she eats properly and keeps her body happy and healthy. Joy is a Holistic Nutritionist, and her website also has some delicious recipes. Joy is also fantastic at explaining and describing why certain foods are good for you – how they will help your body feel great, and what nutrients, minerals, antioxidants etc. are in the foods.

Undressed Skeleton

This is a more recent blog that I have discovered, and there are no words to describe the joy that I feel every time I get to read a new post from her! Taralynn, the blog writer, is down to earth and full of wonderful, healthy ideas! Some of the most useful tips and tricks that I have learned from her include how to eat when on the road, how eat properly while in university, and how to keep organized about it all! Her recipes are also delicious. I get so excited when I get to try out one of her new creations in the kitchen, and they’re super easy to make.

Kris Carr

The last blog I will share with you here is the blog of Kris Carr. Living with cancer is not an easy challenge to overcome – but Kris Carr has managed to overcome it. She lives and amazing, healthy lifestyle and finds so much joy in life! I read her book “Crazy, Sexy Diet” as part of my nutrition research, and man does she ever have it straight. While some of her approaches to health are currently a bit extreme for my liking, I learned the most about healthy eating from her. From why dairy products, meat and sugars ruin your body to how to juice and keep your food real, Kris Carr has taught me SO MUCH! She is definitely one of my motivators to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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